Stanislaw Leszczynski
3 parts: Poland – 25’57’’, Germany – 24’28”, France -29’30”
Production: 2009 – 2010
Directed by: Hanka Włodarczak
Broadcast on: Telewizja Leszno
Stanislaw Leszczyński (1677 – 1766) – Polish king and the Duke of Lorraine and Bar, was known in the eighteenth century as the patron of the arts and science. ….. more

Lady Veronic and her boys
1 x 40 min, 2014, HD
PRODUCED BY: Horyzont Studio Mariusz Konopka
Broadcast on: Planet+ Polska, iTVN
A film called‘’Mrs.Veronica and herboys’’tells the life storyofcaptainVeronica Sebastianowiczandher colleagues, veteransofAK.The heroinecomes from theeastern borderlands, from the areaWołkowyska….. more

Now and forever
94 min, 2011, HD
PRODUCED BY: Television Bogatynia
Broadcast on: Canal+, iTVN
A story of a young boy, a student at the Academy of Physical Education, who accidentally finds himself attending a meeting of a charismatic group of religious renewal. …. more

The Time of Forest Couriers
1 x 40 min, 2015, Full HD
PRODUCED BY: Bogdan Miszczak
Broadcast on: Podkarpacka Telewizja Obiektyw
A documentary drama telling the stories of the couriers during the Second World War. The film shows profiles of some couriers, such as Jan Łożański, code name “Orzeł” and Aleksander Rybicki, code name “Jacek”. . …. Zobacz materiał