1 x 30’, 2014
Produced by:Bogdan Miszczak
Broadcast on: Telewizja OBIEKTYW
It is a documentary drama presenting one of the independence risings of the Home Army, which brought the liberation from the Nazi occupation to the inhabitants of Iwonicz Zdrój much earlier than the WW II ended.
The action of the film takes place in Iwonicz- Zdrój- a popular resort situated in a former Lviv province of pre-war Poland. During the war the resort was situated in Krosno county and belonged to General Governorate.
On 26th July 1944 the Home Army partisans not only rescued all the documents kept by the Nazis in County Office but they also managed to liberate the resort and surrounding villages.
The film presents memories of the inhabitants of Iwonicz- Zdrój who still remember these days and historians who discuss past events which took place in the resort. The film is also supplemented by many battle scenes presented by re-enactment groups as well as professional actors.