Lady Veronic and her boys

1 x 40 min, 2014, HD

PRODUCED BY: Horyzont Studio Mariusz Konopka

Broadcast on: Planet+ Polska, iTVN

A film called‘’Mrs.Veronica and herboys’’tells the life storyofcaptainVeronica Sebastianowiczandher colleagues, veteransofAK.The heroinecomes from theeastern borderlands, from the areaWołkowyska. Currently, she lives inSkidelnear Grodno.She isthe president of the Associationof Home Armyin Belaruswhere she takescare ofstilllivingsoldiers ofthe army.ActinginConspiracyII, at the age of 17,she was sentencedto 25 years inlabor campsanddeportedto Siberia.After five years ofexile, she returned home. It turned out thatitisalreadyinthe SovietRepublic.The documenttells the storynot onlyof warheroine, but alsootherPolishveterans. The touchingstoryofVeronicaand herboys, who visitWarsaw after many years.