Stanislaw Leszczynski


Documentary, 11’, 2013
3 parts: Poland – 25’57’’, Germany – 24’28”, France -29’30”
Production: 2009 – 2010
Directed by: Hanka Włodarczak

Broadcast on: Telewizja Leszno

Stanislaw Leszczyński (1677 – 1766) – Polish king and the Duke of Lorraine and Bar, was known in the eighteenth century as the patron of the arts and science. His projects showed he was ahead of his time. He left a great historic buildings, for example palace in Wissemburg (Germany), chapel in Luneville, presentable room of Town Hall in Nancy (both in France) and many others in all 3 countries. His life was divided into three stages associated with a place of his life and stay – Poland , Germany and France. The 3 parts of the document presents Leszczynski’s works and projects  in each of these countries.